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Diabetes is Preventable

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes causes more deaths a year than breast cancer. Treatment is expensive and diabetes can cause other diseases that put a diabetic’s life at risk.  There is no medical cure for diabetes,  and medication for diabetes is highly costly and in most cases, diabetes is a life long condition once is diagnosed . The good news is that adulthood diabetes is highly preventable! 
Insulin is a costly medication for diabetics only.

Can we stop diabetes from developing?

Yes, because type 2 diabetes is largely preventable with diet. Type 2 diabetes used to be called adult onset diabetes, and is striking people at younger and younger ages with rates skyrocketing globally. About 9 cases in 10 could be avoided by taking this several simple steps:  Know how  type 2 diabetes develops, keep weight under control, exercise more, eat healthy on regular basis, and quit smoking. If you have pre diabetes, take this steps to stop progression. If you are healthy, always take these steps to never develop type 2 diabetes.

1.  Get involved to know how it develops.

Knowing how it develops can better assist us in preventing type 2 diabetes. Some conditions prevail before the development of type 2 diabetes. For example, our blood sugar levels, also called glucose level, change all the time when we eat and when we exercise. Usually, our body registers normal levels of blood sugar after a meal, but unhealthy foods can havoc our body capacity to control sugar levels in the blood. Conditions such as Hypoglycemia (low glucose levels makes us feel tired after a meal or after exercise), Hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels in blood -makes us feel irritable and could trigger headaches after a meal ), these are common signals. Also the belly fat around the waist can mean we have become Insulin resistance, which is the inability to produce hormones that help you burn fat. All these conditions are underlying causes of a very common condition called Metabolic Syndrome, setting ground for the development of Type 2 diabetes.

2. Prevention is always better than treatment. 

Prevention is always the best way to avoid diabetes. Later is too late and very expensive to treat.
Maintaining an adequate MBI (Body Mass Index) and a healthy fit lifestyle, is by far the best way to prevent the onsets of a Metabolic Syndrome and diabetes type 2. Eating regular healthy foods, such as meals and snacks, is an important part of a fit lifestyle. But what is healthy foods really?

Many times what we think is healthy is actually not so healthy. Products containing ingredients that can simulate our hormones can be detrimental, pesticides are greatly cancer causing, GMO have no conclusive scientific studies and the effect on human health is unclear;  on top of this, highly processed ingredients are usually toxic to our health; and therefore, all these are increasing our risk of developing many health problem, like diabetes.

FITBITES narrows down the possibility of getting these naughty ingredients into your daily meals. As you already know, we choose best quality meats, organic spices and peak season vegetable, that is why our featured ready meals are fast frozen.

When you need to control your blood sugar, a FITBITES Ready Meal is a perfect solution for anyone that is managing with pre-diabetes or has a established diabetes. A FITBITES Ready Meal is not a meal replacement, but a healthy wholesome meal with low GI in each meal to prevent spikes in insulin and maintain healthy levels of glucose  through out the day. It also prevents crashes and promotes better eating habits to re gain control of your insulin routine.

3. Don’t forget to be active.

diabetes-exerciseGet more exercise, and you’ll beat insulin resistance and better manage blood glucose, the key to preventing diabetes. Studies have also shown that the right exercises increases insulin sensitivity, meaning the carbs you eat are better transformed into energy for your muscles and for better performance. Better food choices, together with an appropriate exercise plan will provide you long-lasting blood sugar control.

While physical activity is important to lower blood sugar levels, eating daily the appropriate foods with the right macro nutrient ratio (see FITBITES nutritional information), is equally important to maintain good control of your blood glucose level. Choose a meal plan depending on your actual weight and fitness goals by talking to a professional. If you already have been diagnose with diabetes, then talk to your health provider to right asses you into an exercise and meal plan.

Why FITBITES is the perfect choice to prevent diabetes?

First of all, we focus on been diabetic friendly. Our carbohydrates counts are measured to perfection on our Featured Ready Meals, and this macro nutrient only comes from  unprocessed natural foods.  No refined ingredients, added sugars, refined salts nor processed oils are added into a FITBITES Ready Meal. Fat content is always low to moderate and from unprocessed natural source such as virgin coconut oil, ghee butter, natural animal fats and cold pressed olive oils. Controlling your glucose level with our FITBITES Ready Meals is so easy to do with just a click. Deliveries are fast. Order one time or on a weekly basis.  Order today and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


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