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We customize real meal plans for athletes and fit active people wanting to perform better, to lose weight and to gain mass
Weight Loss

There is no weight loss plan too big for us. Designing meals is our lifestyle, and your weight loss goals our greatest motivation.

Forever Eat
Gourmet entrees any time to keep you fit and healthy. Never diet again, our meals keep you forever lean and healthy.

Our Feature Lifestyles

Fit Lifestyle

Set your goals, choose your level of carbs per meal meals, get delicious weekly high protein meals to your home, office or gym. Here you are incharge and you know how to mix and match your meals to reach success.

Paleo Lifestyle

The closest you will ever get to a caveman's diet. No restriction, full fat, full flavor all 100% unprocessed vegetables, seasoning and your option of meats

Vegan Lifestyle

Become vegan for a change. Live and let live to make a better lifestyle for us all. The best way to transition to a vegan lifestyle is with us. Easy to order and delicious every day

Keto Lifestyle

Jump into ketosis to feel the energy and increase your mental focus. Whether you need it for therapy or weight loss, we design keto meals to perfection

Welcome Diabetics and Gluten Intolerant

All our meal plans are diabetic friendly. We are low glycemic meal facilitators. All meals are made of whole food ingredients, made with no hidden sugars or fructose. We love low carbs and we can design on net carbohydrates, low in fats and gracefully complement your glucose control needs and gut symptoms We are wheat free and we never use ingredients or grains containing gluten. No corn or corn based products.

Every FITBITES Ready Meal makes you feel better day by day

Help us achieve our sustainable goals community by community