Paleo Lifestyle


Welcome to our specialty. The unprocessed lifestyle.

The Paleo lifestyle is not necessarily a primitive diet, tasteless raw and dangerous; but a healthful and tasteful one with nothing but unprocessed and made from scratch delicious recipes.

Who will Benefit from a FITBITES Paleo Lifestyle?

The paleo advocates swear that many people have seen relief and improve from the following health conditions:

  • Auto-immune disorder
  • Arthritis
  • Celiac and IBS
  • Most allergies and eczema

Ideally a Paleo Lifestyle should be as clean and unprocessed as possible. The idea behind this is the massive reduction in accumulative toxins we get on daily basis from our day to day standard diet and environmental pollutants. 

The unprocessed lifestyle is the no brainier for a healthy happy life.


FITBITES Paleo Meals are Superior in the Market

Clean Meats

Our farm suppliers in Ontario and Quebec offer humane treatment to their livestock. We buy for our customers only clean cuts and specialty meats like Game meats.

Wild Fish and responsible Fishery

Our preference is always wild caught, northern fish; but nevertheless, a good standing sustainable fishery might do all some good too.

Organic seasoning and local environmentally grown vegetables

We use seasonal to get closer to your Paleo Lifestyle. But honestly, in Canada, we need to adapt to frozen sometimes, which is closer to seasonal as possible since these are picked and packed at their peak.

Legumes (beans)

Because legumes are not part of our Paleo Lifestyle, we might include string beans. We are able to use sprouts of beans and grains if you wish to include these in your orders, but we only sprout a few like winter red wheat (wheat grass) and soybeans and others if available.


Our love for wild foods is in our blood. We use Nordic fruits. All the berries and nuts grown only in Canada and all the apple variety.


Please don’t expect coconut sugar as this is not Canadian, even though we might use it from time to time. We use only Ontario’s Wild Flower unpasteurized honey and pure maple sweeteners. Other saps might be included and we will let you know if we do.


We prep our own fats for cooking. We use only lard made by us. Sometimes we might use unprocessed olive and hemp oils when available in the market.

The No-No’s of a Great Paleolithic Diet

Please note that FITBITES Paleo Lifestyle does NOT contain the following:

  • Peanuts
  • Eggs
  • Milk or milk products
  • Hydrogenated Butters (aka Vegetable Oils)
  • Commercial seasoning or sauces
  • Grains
  • Wheat products



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