Better Nutrition For Expecting Mothers

pregnancy-fitbitespicLife changes for women not only when she has children, but it changes from the very first moment she realizes, or not, she is pregnant. So true, that her mind is set into expectancy mode, and she finds herself planning for that special day when she welcomes her baby.





Planning For Pregnancy

If you plan for a healthy baby, and also for a healthy you, you’ll be able to cope better with all the physical demand of your new life. You would then want to make sure to eat balanced meals, clean ingredients in foods, with no toxins and no chemicals or pesticides.

Toxins in foods are typically found in processed packaged foods, as well as many chemicals that are added to prevent spoilage. Chemicals and pesticides in foods are typically found in most restaurant meals and some waters and in non organically grown vegetables. Ideally, you will have to choose the right ingredients to cook your daily meals, but if you are a busy mom to be, at FITBITES we make sure you get the right safe nutrition you and your baby need during and after pregnancy.

Considering that we shop, chop and cook all meals:

  • High in protein
  • Gluten free
  • Low in sodium and sugars
  • Made from scratch and with only organic local herbs

You can rest asure you will have all nutritional and non-nutritional requirements covered so you don’t have to watch what you eat to not gain excess weight, and keep you and your baby healthy. Safe time by not cooking and planning for healthy meals.

Your baby will be safe, healthy and develop better immunity at birth if you engage a healthy choice each time you eat. Also, the frequency at which you have each meal, is important to maintain good nutrition all throughout pregnancy and lower your risk of developing pregnancy related conditions such as anemia and gestational diabetes.

We provide Ready Meals with the right complex carbs and we specialize in carbohydrate, protein and fat counts to minimize any risk of developing anemia or gestational diabetes. We also are concerned of the importance of protein for you and your baby, as this are important building blocks needed during the gestational period. Sugars are never added, and refined salts are never used in our recipes.  Fat content is limited to only unprocessed sources, and our pride lies on our winning gourmet tasting recipes.


Try FITBITES Ready Meals .cropped-testfitbites.jpg

It is all about your health and your baby’s healthy development.

Why is FITBITES Ready Meals perfect for moms?

Aside from helping you keep a healthy weight during pregnancy, you and your baby will be nutritionally nourished, and you will lose weight easily after baby is born. We do this by combining our three different lifestyles to adapt to your changing situation, during and after pregnancy, so you and your baby can get the best and enjoy more time together.

Depending on your progressive weight gain during pregnancy, we would recommend our Slender or Active Lifestyle.  Talk to your obstetrician to know your ideal weight gain during pregnancy. Post par-tum  is very demanding, and usually calorie intake should increase during your lactating months, if you plan to do so. During lactation, you can try our Extreme lifestyle since these Ready Meals are higher in carbs, which are needed for energy and breast milk production.

Why a high protein meal is better for you and your baby

Each of our meals are high in protein (never less than 40 grams). When an expectant mother’s diet does not include enough protein, it can lead to a number of health problems in both the mother and the developing baby. A protein deficient diet during pregnancy can make the expectant mother feel weak or light-headed and make it difficult to manage day-to-day tasks without feeling tired or fatigued. For the developing baby, the effects of a lack of protein in the diet include poor muscle and joint development, poor bone development, muscle or bone deformities, miscarriage, brain damage and a high risk of birth defects.

Slow cooked and minimally processed meals are better to have during pregnancy

All of our meals are made from scratch with our in home made sauces. We never use processed foods and never over cook meats which might produce dangerous sodium nitrate. Aside from their carcinogenic potential, nitrates developed from high heat cooking, represent a risk to pregnant moms and babies because of their potential for reacting with the protein hemoglobin that delivers oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. When nitrates become nitrites and react with hemoglobin, they produce modified proteins called methemoglobins, explained better by a medical doctor. These don’t deliver oxygen as effectively, which is of particular concern if you’re pregnant, since your baby depends upon your hemoglobin to deliver oxygen to the placenta.

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Other benefits of FITBITES and why our Ready Meals are so convenient for pregnant women

No unpasteurized milk ingredients, no soy, no shellfish, no nuts.


What about after baby is born?

♥ We highly recommend our FITBITES Extreme Lifestyle! Its the best deal any new mom could ever get! because is nourishing and hassle free.
♥ We offer free delivery to your home for our area. Shipping fees will be added if you are outside the Ottawa-Gatineau area.
♥ We will send you free extras. Snacks, breakfasts and other goodies to help you through the days.
♥ We will keep you posted for free advice and tips to make your postpartum easy and happy!
♥ The Extreme Lifestyle will provide you with the energy to help you lose all the water weight and shed down the pounds fast!
♥ This lifestyle will even help you succeed during lactation, while keeping your energy levels high and happiness up.

 Support breast milk with our Extreme Lifestyle ready meals.

Enjoy every minute with your newborn, we are here to help you and your baby 🙂

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