Radiant health begins at the cellular level.

Detox With us for total health improvement! 


The principal of a detox diet is to organize your internal house; more like when you do a spring cleaning for a fresh new start.  A detox diet should serve progressively to detoxify each organ and gland  and therefore strengthen your immune system. A well done detox plan will set you free from accumulative toxins and liberate you from stubborn fat that carries much of the toxins that normally we have accumulate from years of eating commercial processed foods, taking medication and other environmental pollutants. But not all detox plans are created equal and not all fit one size, that's why we created our FITBITES DETOX plan. 

What is a FITBITE DETOX Plan?

It's a one week, two week or a full month plan designed according to your needs. Whether you are trying to jump start your metabolism for a successful weight-loss plan,  or strengthen your immune system, we at FITBITES take serious steps toward a personalized Detox Meals and juicing.  

We hold to best detox practices, so we like to follow the Hippocrates Principal for the healing and well-being of our customers. Nevertheless, if you have your own detox plan in mind, let us know.

Detox for the First Time 

Anyone might feel anxious at first when engaging a detox plan; while is normal to worry about if you'll feel hungry or not, a more common trait of the anxiety that affects first timers,  is whether we can survive the detox out of pure human determination and willpower.  


Worry no more! We design to avoid the hunger and cravings that makes diets so hard to stick with. Backed by science, the denser the nutrients in a detox plan, the less hungry a person will feel and the cravings slowly fade.


We offer a 28 day detox plan adapted to every beginner or person that has never engaged a detox diet. We start gently and finish with a  stronger cleanse, around day 15 of starting the DETOX PLAN.

How Deep is your Cleanse? 

Our 28 days comprehensive plan is broken down into weekly goals:

Week 1: Digestive system detox

Week 2: Gentle liver and kidney cleanse

Week 3: Gland cleansing

Week 4: Total blood detox

We offer a customized detox plans, meaning that for our FITBITES Detox you choose the amount of weeks you want. No hooks or no compromise with us, but with yourself.

Our ultimate plan lets you choose how deep is your cleanse.

We provide all meals and juices with our services. We deliver twice a week to ensure freshness of all our slow cooked or raw ingredients. We never take the short cut with health. When you purchase any of our detox weekly plan we will monitor your needs and deliver recipes that comply with the following detox principles:

  1. Correct mixology of the ingredients to make all creations as tasteful has possible.
  2. We use the principals of Dr. Max Gerson and The Hippocrates Institute.
  3. Adjust all nutritional plan specifically for your body. For your personal needs.


Radiant health begins at the cellular level.

Detox is all about been radiant inside and outside! 

It has been proven that consuming dense nutrient rich foods, restores health from free radicals in our body.  The free radicals are the leading cause behind every disease, including cancer. During a detox  diet, even if we can not see the changes at cellular level, our cells are changing and restoring our health; this happens in our body if we detox properly, of course, with plenty of nutrient rich vegetables and specially greens.

DNA repair is something that will happen eventually through time, but what's important is that by undergoing a personalized detox plan at least twice a year, you are giving your system the chance to preserve the DNA healthy or even change it if it needs to adapt to new environmental changes.  

What FITBITES DETOX PLAN is all about

  • Raw and fresh vegetables, and just as with our other Lifestyle Ready Meals, we offer always local environmental.
  • Micro-nutrients density, we focus in food ingredients, not in supplementation. We make sure you get more of the nutrients you need.
  • We are food savvy, so we will work around your specific to target your healing needs with nutritional foods, from scratch, fresh and right to your door. 

 The Joy of Eating Vegetables 

Lets face it, if you don't like the taste of vegetables, then you are better off on our Ketogenic Lifestyle. So if you are the kind of person that likes to eat all kind of veggies, then you will never want to exist our DETOX PLAN and you might want to start with us a Vegan Lifestyle. 

We cook raw, spiced, hearty, juicy, hot, crunchy, nutty and eclectic.

What to Expect From our 28 day FITBITES DETOX Plan?

  • A first week try of our 28 day DETOX PLAN. This is to test your level of acceptance, to get a glimpse and feel of the taste, and to make a decision on whether you want to continue on Detox or switch to another diet.
  • A welcoming email with instructions on how to follow appropriately the detox.
  •  3 freshly-pressed juices, 3 lunches and 3 dinners with every delivery (we deliver twice a week)
  • We offer full support with our plan. 

How much does a FITBITE DETOX Plan Cost?

If you purchase a one week DETOX PLAN with us, we will make 2 charges of $150 each and a one time delivery charge of $7. You can choose to pay in advance if you would like to continue for a second week to experience a deeper cleanse. Regardless of the diet or meal plan you order, we deliver first your meals, and then, through an invoicing system we will send you a receipt. 



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