Forever Eat Assorted Keto Snacks


The Healthy Snack Box contains variety of health conscious and individually wrapped portion size snacks. A total of 20 snacks per box. We are committed to better snacking so we choose and collect to build you a healthful box of locally or imported sourced goodies low in carbs and good for weight management. Content might vary depending on availability.  Shipping prices vary.

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If you have a crave for healthy munchies, this Forever Eat Assorted Keto Snacks box contains all your assorted snacks that is rarely found in one place. We deliver to your door 20 keto snacks in total per box.

Why this box is best when you are looking to lead a keto lifestyle?

  • Snacks are low in sugars
  • High in healthy fats. Like monounsaturated fats and those rich flavonoids in real organic chocolates.
  • We source all the possible choices out there for your healthy keto lifestyle so you don’t have to go hop shopping for healthy keto snacks or bulk buy for each one.

( Note: Sugar sources could be Stevia, maltitol, xylitol, sucralose, maltodextrin, or any other sweetener to safeguard ketosis and  for sweet snacks. But we will try our best to source the snacks with the best bio compatible sweetener)

We have zero tolerance for artificial flavors, and artificial additives, so stay tune for always new goodies we will be adding to this box as sometimes keto snacks are so hard to find. May contains different highly nutritious local and or imported snacks.

We work with macros and natural ingredients; therefore we guarantee that no high fructose corn syrup, no highly processed ingredients and no high sugar content in snacks will be added to your Snack Box.

Approximately total choices per snack: 15 sweet snacks and 5 chips o salty snacks. But please let us know your preferences as we customize for you.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14.7 × 10 × 4.25 in
Forever Eat Keto Snacks

A healthful box with lots of natural flavors. A collection of 20 real keto snacks to grab and go every day.
Low Glycemic Index
Gluten Free and perfect for a low carb and high fat diet.