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FITBITES Ready Meals (Frozen entrees for weight management, Glucose control and GI control)

FITBITES Ready Meals are made from 100% real and fresh produce and from minimally processed ingredients.

  • Gluten Free.
  • Minimally processed ingredients
  • Naturally low in fats and free from hydrogenated oils.
  • Low in sodium and sugars.  No refined salts or sugars added. 
  • Made with local Canadian legumes and farm products. 
  • No conservatives, chemicals, fillers, or anything that might harm your health or the environment.



Feature Ready Meals

Thatcher Roll

A Soft  Ground lean chicken and turkey white ground meat roulette, filled with minced broccoli florets and carrots. Garnished with leeks saute.

Fujimori Salmon

Seared grilled Coho Salmon with Green onions Bourbon style marinade.

Nahanee Fish

Wild caught Canadian Haddock fillet and cooked to perfection with a hint of coconut flavor.

Gorbachev Trout

Responsibly farmed baked Rainbow Trout

Wok Long

An Asian style dish made of fresh bok choi, fresh ginger root, carrots, Canadian enoki mushrooms and diced chicken.

Calypso Chicken

Chicken breast marinated in Jamaican style seasoning sauce made of zesty spices, organic turmeric and coconut oil.

Parma Chicken

Chicken breast with Italian herbs and marinara sauce topped with authentic 100% Italian parmesan cheese.

Mustafa Chicken:

A chicken favorite basted in Dijon mustard sauce and a hint of Canadian wildflower honey.

Fox Tex Tortilla:

A Mexican spicy chicken wrap made with 100% gluten free tortilla.

LUV Meatloaf:

A tasty soft version of a meatloaf with no fillers but 95% lean ground beef and gravy

Chili Con Carne:

A Mexican classic with all the right amounts of protein, carbs and fats specially designed for our health conscious customers.

Paleo Burger:

An extra lean juicy burger stuffed with earthy mushrooms, vegetables and served over a portabella mushroom cap.

Zweet Zue:

Not the traditional stew, nevertheless this is a very tasty eye of round stripped from its already low fat content and dipped in a puree sauce of sweet roots like sweet potatoes, carrots and turmeric.

Trueman Steak:

7 oz steak grilled to medium rare and side of vegetables or potatoes.

Coco-Cari Shrimps:

A Thai inspired shrimp dish with a kick of hot spice. Shrimps are marinated in turmeric and coconut milk with a mild to hot spicy flavor.


A traditional Russian dish made with strips of lean beef and marinated in a creamy low fat sauce for an ultimate low fat dish.

All our feature meals are made to meet 40 grams of protein, a low fat diet, all fats are essentially from unrefined sources. These meals are carb controlled and made naturally low in sugars.


Breakfasts and Snacks

Available only in bulk orders


Fiber Plus  Pancakes Mix:

A fluffy high protein and high in fiber pancake, with 4 grams of net carbs per pancake. High protein, low in fats, gluten reduced and sugar free. Bulk sell in stand up pouches of 350 grams each.  Industrial recipe fully developed and long established shelf life. (Contains milk ingredients and may contain tree nuts)

Das Crunch 250 grams sealed packs:

A hearty oat based granola snack, perfect for any lifestyle. Made with natural raw sugars, nuts from Canadian nut growers.  High in fiber and dense mineral content. (Contains nuts and seeds)

Ready Oats :

A simple Canadian harvest oats, with a personalized touch of the season.  This hot or cold cereal are a raw made with ginger, apples and berries.

Assorted High Protein Muffin:

Four different flavors available: Chocolate, Maple, Banana,  and Lemon.   All muffins are sugar free, high in fibers, omega-3, rich in proteins and low in carbs.   Perfect for snack or breakfast, this muffins are fulfilling and delicious, ideal in controlled carb diets and diabetic friendly.   For nutritional information click here

FITBITES provides you with the safest standards and packaging materials. Frozen Ready Meals come in leak proof containers, and FDA approved for use in microwave. Our ready meals are frozen immediately after preparation.  

Please Keep all FITBITES Ready Meals frozen. Defrost and heating instructions available for each Ready Meal.

Frozen Ready Meals are fully cooked and can be kept frozen for up to 4 months.