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How many times have you lost weight and then gain it all back again? Permanent results is possible!

Power foods and dense nutrients is the science we use in FITBITES

– Fitbite’s weight-loss plan

A FITBITE plan to training your body to burn more calories as time passes, contrary not less when time passes. We will deliver a formula for anyone. FITBITES natural plant based supplement solutions will work from day 1 …

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The Easiest Way To Lose Weight


Low calorie diets also pose some risks of metabolic damage. We know permanent results are hard to achieve, but success is actually possible with low carb diets.  Low carb diets rules out many of the bad carbs we are accustomed to, leaving us with fewer food choices and more options to choose better hearty foods to fulfil our daily meals and help us to effectively manage weight and our health.  

An effective weight-loss plan requires clean, nutritious and lean foods for your diet.

Low Carb Diets Vs Low Calorie Diets

Traditional diets are calorie deficient. Cutting the calories off a diet requires less consumption of fats, but the sugars naturally present in the carbs are typically forgotten when dieting. This method of cutting out the fats in our foods makes sense, since there are 9 calories per gram of fat, the highest in all of the macronutrients.

Because most of the calories are concentrated in the dietary fats, it is also more convenient for nutritionist to write or prescribe a diet by just choosing foods low in  fats to cut in calories, and not low in carbohydrate foods, cause otherwise we will be seeing less food in our plates! 

Another downturn of low calorie diets, is that it also tend to be less nutritious, awakes a craving behavior and ruin our progress toward reaching any desirable health goal or weight-loss goal. 

The Low Carb

A low carb diets is an effective way to lose weight and to control our health.  An important study of low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets in obese adults found that restricting carbohydrates resulted in decreased food cravings, and some restriction of fats resulted in decreasing the cravings for fatty foods; this meant a better control in reducing the intake of high caloric foods. 

Starving on a Low Calorie Diet

When calories drop too low, the human body goes into what’s commonly called starvation mode, but healthcare professionals call it adaptive thermogenesis, this means, the body adjusts the number of calories it burns based on loss of calories consumed. Thermogenesis is what we want to achieve consistently throughout the plan, day in and day out, and not just at the beginning.

The problem with low calorie diets, is that thermogenesis works for a short period of time; works at the beginning of the diet and right  after we push our body to exercise. For the rest of the time, the body makes sure to preserve body fat under the skin as long as long as possible when on a low calorie diet. With the Fitbites natural plan, slowing down of the metabolism does not happen!

We need calories (energy) to burn fat. 


FITBITES is Designing a Natural Fat Burner

Basically, we need to think in training our body to burn more calories, not less; regardless of our level of physical activity. Here is how FITBITES herbal and supplement solutions will work

First, the micronutrients normally found in some plants helps in maintaining cravings under control. Second, we restrict the total carbs in our meals so you can maintain good level of thermogenic (the body’s capacity to burn fats).

FITBITES is an effective diet plan with long term results. 

Effective Weight Loss with Permanent Results

We often see a diet as an effort we need to do for a long period of time. We also dread the sacrifice it involves when giving up on our favorite dishes.  Others see it as an endless tasteless effort and of time consuming weekend preparations. Our expectations of weight loss might also sabotage our progress when we don’t have realistic goals.   All this puts on stress on us and many a times we are giving up even before we even start our new diet for weight-loss. But in some cases we want to give all our intentions to willpower and we do it!   Willpower is a good start, but seldom lasts long enough, especially if our body is starving on a low calorie diet. 

Weight-loss Diets can deliver permanent results if  it can consistently be sustainable

Dieting and Why we Fail

We all want to be consistent with our diet, but our minds are already set for it to believe is hard to follow through.  Relying only on willpower is the hardest thing to do, because biologically, our body will be constantly demanding for whatever is missing. But worry no more; a well planned diet can bring success and help anyone stay lean long after we have reached our ideal weight.

When consistently dieting we tend to fight cravings to avoid giving in the temptation of eating more of everything we know will add the extra calories. This can mean that most of the days when dieting is about trying not to be tempted. Often a diet is hard to follow because of the cravings. If dieting doesn’t give us the results we want, we often feel we have failed trying to get in shape or in keeping the results of previous weight-loss efforts.

Plan your Weight loss Diet and Enjoy Permanent Results

FITBITES provides a simple and easy way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body mass.

The science behind our products is simple, an ideal carb complex supplement that helps you control sugars in blood and cravings, and therefore, end insulin resistance which has been proven it slows downs any progress toward weight-loss. Then, we work toward providing you a total carb controlled and natural approach supplementation to help you achieve your weight-loss goal.

We deliver highest quality and effectiveness.

You’ll be surprised of how effective our products are. 

You don’t have to give up on tasty meals to engage a healthy weight-loss plan, we will cater for you a diet that adapts to your lifestyle.

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