Fit Lifestyle

Our feature Ready Meals are carb control and portion sized, low in fat and high in lean proteins. Customize a weekly delivery of Fit Ready Meals to maximize your  health and individual needs. Choose from our 3 Fit Lifestyle Ready Meals:  Slender, Active and Extreme for weight management, control diabetes and  feel better overall. Healthy habits start in the kitchen, but with FITBITES you skip the kitchen work. 

Slender Lifestyles

 $170 / Pack + Tx

10 FITBITES Ready Meals

Active Lifestyles

$175 / Pack + Tx

 10 FITBITES Ready Meals

Extreme Lifestyle

$180/ Pack + Tx

10 FITBITES Ready Meals

Paleo Lifestyles

 $180 or $190 / Pack + Tx

10 meals total.

Price depends on choice of meats. 

Vegan Lifestyles

$170 / Pack + Tx

10 meals total, 1  free snack included

Keto Lifestyle

Price varies

Includes all needed meals for ketosis. Classic or deep keto requires medical recipe. Classic keto is a personalized diet strictly measuring all ratios to meet 20  or less net grams of carbs per day. This diet is high in fats and is designed by demand. One time initiation fees applies when you order Classic Keto. Regular keto diets are available under orders. 


A Lifestyle pack could include snacks and breakfasts:

  • Adding Breakfasts to your orders is possible.  We will contact you with our weekly breakfasts and snacks options available