Welcome to Our Sustainable Kitchen

We pledge to be sustainable

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We believe healthy mindful people will draw a clear path for future generations to live healthier productive lives.

To be sustainable, FITBITES.CA business model  starts with a pledge.

We pledge to:

  • Care for the environment by choosing mostly local produce that are grown according to this same principal of sustainability. 
  • Recycle in accordance to ethical packaging and delivery of products, as well as waste management procedures to preserve and restore our natural resources. 
  • Make all efforts to adapt as much as possible toward utilizing only seasonal produce from Canadian local producers.

We are committed in providing simple wholesome and healthful ingredients in every meal we deliver, and we promise to never use products, by-products, inhacers or any other ingredient contaminated with heavy pesticides, processed or showered with radiations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best customer service and the healthiest ready meal delivery in the market by staying local.  Our pride is to help our customers achieve a healthier lifestyle through balanced nutrition.   Our mission is to facilitate our customers a better diet plan of action to lose weight, continually detoxify from our process consumerism and live healthier lives by lowering risks of disease.

About our Kitchen

We started first in the heart of Ottawa. We ran always in several rented commercial kitchen and we had to adapted to different ones  as the kitchens had different availability and schedules. We also rented  freezer space because we like to keep our products frozen fresh, is the way to preserve our meals nutritious throughout. We handled different  certifications and follow standard processes to freeze the meals while they are still hot; is our way of preserving the nutrients and avoiding dangerous growth of bacteria. We freeze each meal separately in food safe packaging and we recommend recycling to preserve the environment.  Our philosophy is to reach communities that are increasingly growing and that want to pursue healthier environments, healthier lifestyle and a sustainable economy.

About Our Suppliers

As part of our commitment to sustainability we have chosen those Canadian businesses who are also committed with the principal of sustainability. We are excited to say that our suppliers are really the backbone of our product.  Businesses that care for the environment and welfare of farm animals are our favorite partners.  They could be any small scale Ontario farmers that we go to as often as needed, others bring to us their products and help us make and pack our ready meals and products.

We love our farm suppliers; these are the bee keepers of the raw wildflower honey, the ones with the pasture raised amazing beef cuts, the wild boar and free run chickens. What we love about our business is that we get to have frequent road trips to the country farm to meet our kind and conscious suppliers. But we also employ services from other businesses that are growing consciously toward sustainable economies. We hope we meet our next step business partner that could help us grow so we can reach more healthy lifestyle endeavours.

About Our Ready Meals

FITBITES.CA wants to deliver direct to people wanting to eat truly balanced and nutritional meals every time it's meal time. Meals are fully cooked, frozen to preserve flavor and nutrients with a shelf life of up to four months.  Meals heat in 5 minutes and can be enjoyed anywhere where there is a microwave.  Meals are fully cooked, individually packed and portable. Each meal is designed under strict macronutrient profile, It provides each individual the choice to adjust weekly meals to match to their level of daily activity or type of lifestyle they have chosen to live. 

  1. SLENDER Ready Meals: Designed for a sedentary or lightly active lifestyle. Lean body lifestyle and weight-loss is guaranteed under this meal design.
  2. ACTIVE Ready Meals: Designed for lightly active individuals for medium to large BMI
  3. EXTREME Ready Meals: Designed for medium to highly active individuals

FITBITES Ready Meals targets the Health and Wellness industries to promote healthier living through nutrition.  All FITBITES Ready Meals have been designed nutritionally balanced  for individual need such as 

  • Weight-loss
  • Glucose control
  • GI discomfort

To meet special individual needs, we have designed FDA standard measures for meal preparation with macro and micronutrients, as well as individual portion size for each individual with healthy BMI to healthy obese individuals.   

Any individual wanting to improve their eating habits and manage their weight, will benefit greatly from our nutritional FITBITES.CA Ready Meal delivery Service.   A true solution to permanent healthy and lean body is here. 

Each week, meals are delivered separately in individual unique leak tampered package. In just few minutes in the microwave, anyone can enjoy a hot, wholesome and nutritionally balanced meal.  Single serve meals  can be taken along to the gym, office or workplace, or anywhere there is a microwave. 

Enjoy a minimally processed meal every time is meal time. No cooking, no dinner time hassle, no waste, no stress, no artificial anything. Just a brand new lifestyle with many benefits. 


Athletic Lifestyle

This lifestyle has been designed into 3 Athletic Lifestyles, for those wanting to stay lean but like to preserve their hard earned muscles, we have designed these meals high in proteins, low in fats and according to your weight, gender and or level of physical activity, you get to choose from our three carb controlled lifestyles and designed your own way to perfect strong lean body. 

Ideal for:

  • Fitness, Weight lifters and  cross Fitters
  • People who engage strenuous jobs
  • Professional athletes
  • People recuperating from illness


Paleo Lifestyle

This lifestyle tends to be moderate to high in natural unprocessed fats. A Paleo Lifestyle is rich in vegetables, fruits, meats (mostly wild and clean cuts of beef and other animal proteins) Is a grain free diet and we do not serve pork or pork products in this category. In this lifestyle proteins are high and vegetables are local and fats are local too.

Ideal for:

  • People with allergies to grains
  • Individuals with GI symptoms or sensible to gluten.


Weight- Loss Plans

Want to burn fat fast?... Try our ultimate Carb controlled Ready Meal plan.  A diet we tailor and customize for your weight management needs. Is one of the most effective ways to lose weight consistently while increasing your mental focus.

Our FITBITES Ready Meal for weight-loss are easy to order. Customers can place orders online through their Health and Wellness provider, or directly to their Health and Wellness center.

Eating a healthy unprocessed diet helps in detoxifying the body, and prepares it to naturally lose weight.  Whether your diet plan needs calorie restriction, carb restriction or any other proven way of weight-loss, it is wise to include regular physical exercise into your weight-loss plan.  Exercising regularly will increase weight-loss efficiency more than a diet alone.