Low carb Diets Vs Low Calorie Diets

Low Calorie Diets don’t work, but consistent Carb Cycling is key

Some people are able to stick to a simple bland diet, low in calories and most probably less nutritious. But don’t get me wrong, does work if there is consistency and lots of willpower. In most cases, people find that it works temporarily and it helps them lose the extra pounds.

Sport scientists have proven that people on a typical low calorie diets, lose a greater percentage of muscle mass and water all together, proportionally compared to the body fat in a healthy person if he or she would have done a carb cycling

By adding a higher level of carbohydrates in a particular day of the 2nd week of doing a low carb diet, the metabolic profile of the dieter changes because during restriction and cycling the body shifts important hormones that trigger the metabolization of carbohydrates differently. It uses it all, to feed starving cells in the muscle and reduces the conversion of sugars into triglycerides.  

How to Diet

To compare a carb cycling method of dieting with a standard low caloric diets, there are often times, during the diet process, when low calorie dieters experience a plateau or a decrease in their body’s ability to keep losing weight.  Very frustrating for those expecting more weight-loss; and the only thing you get is a feeling of low energy, and we then go back to our regular eating habits. Here then, some people are identified as the yo-yo dieter because the person keeps trying and diets many times per year to lose weight.

The way Carb Cycling works is pretty straight forward, if you are in a low carb diet for a week, at least 1 day out of that week should be high in carbohydrates, but be wary of the type of carbohydrates, as these should be wholesome with the exemption for those that are engaging in high endurance exercises. The rest of the days of the week should be very low in carbohydrates (around 20 grams per day).  Adding carbohydrate once per week, is a method often called  carb cycling.

When we diet to lose consistent weight, is very important to carb cycle and avoid the common mistake of low calorie diets that often leave us feeling fatigued and shortly in a plateau. Remember this usually results in later weight gain.  

Every calorie reduced meal plan, or diet, helps you lose weight, but not necessarily keeps the weight off. 

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